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Welcome To Networker Acids Team Page

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First, we need to establish communication with each other. For this purpose, we use WowApp which is a chat app similar to Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, FB Messenger.

The big difference though is that WowApp pays you money for using it and it does so through 8 levels which can turn into some great earnings.

Payout is through Paypal or Bank Transfer (as well as donating to more than 2000 different charities if you like).

WowApp pays you money to chat, group chat, make free calls, video calls, sharing files, playing games, heck even for shopping online.

You can contact me by email or on WowApp

Yes I'm a real person that helps not like these so-called GURUS That Only wants Your $$$

If you are in a program and your upline or sponsor is not

helping there downlines means they don't know what they are doing 

or they just don't know how to be a leader

Here you will find some programs that I use and get me results online 

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Sites I'm using to Grow my Online Business

Social Traffic Exchanges 

FREE 1 Signup A Day Strategy

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Traffic Exchanges 


Traffic Exchange List
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PaidVerts PTCShare

If You Want To Make Money Online Need To Get Involve & You Need To Invest There Aint No Other Way 

Ads Networks

Email Marketing Evolved! The Most Responsive Free Internet Safelist Advertising since 2003!

Crypto Advertising /Trading /Mining Platforms

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More Sites I'm using to Grow my Online

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The Recommended Smart Contract 2020:

Step 1


Step 2
Load your account with 0.06 ETH
Or you want to fast track?
Basic Level 1 @ $15
X3 & X4 Level 2 @ $35
X3 & X4 Level 3 @ $90
level 2 & 3 are

Fast Start levels)

Step 3


Upline ID4895


Send an email to

with your 4-digit ID#, Affiliate URL,
name, to get added to the rotator.

(recommended) upgrade to level 3 in both X3 and X4 to avoid missing payouts.



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Time to promote (your) Links
In order to work as a team, we all need to promote it. You will, therefore, contact us over

WowApp (which you should have registered for now) or send an Email @

List of programs affiliate link and request your Team Free Promotion.

More Online Income Streams Will Be Updated Soon

Traffic Hacks Tips & Tricks

How 2 Become a Traffic Reseller 

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